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Unboxing of ASUS Desktop (Model #M51AD)

Posted by Fernando Pantoja in ,

In today’s day and age most people rely on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops for purposes of staying connected to the World Wide Web for social connectivity, business related endeavors, or just too simply surf the Internet.

But what about the small percent of people who are “old school” and rely on a traditional powerhouse desktop that can handle multi leveled tasks? Depending upon one’s lifestyle, some people need a reliable desktop to handle various tasks within their daily lives.

Whether its video editing/rendering, PC gaming, software that eats up random access memory (RAM), or any other number of things that take place on a computer; we all want our computers (or mobile technology devices) to run at peak performance without error.

With this in mind, I went out the other day to purchase a desktop computer that would hopefully deliver a power packing punch of horsepower to handle my daily PC usage that will stand the test of time in performance without crashing.

Recently my Toshiba Satellite A205-S5804 laptop just stopped working. While I was able to salvage my data off of the hard drive from the laptop; unfortunately, I have not been able to revive my laptop as of yet. I am thinking that I may have fried my motherboard or processor by overclocking the system.

Needless to say, I found myself in Best Buy with an inclination that I don’t want to repeat another failed computer so I purchased the most power driven computer that they had in stock.

Under any other circumstance, I would have shopped online for bargain priced desktops or even purchase the parts that I need to build my own power-horse of a PC. Unfortunately time was not on my side to do these things as I needed a computer now for purposes of business and school.

The PC that I so eagerly couldn’t wait to bring home and test out is an ASUS desktop that should be able to handle all my daily PC usages. Of course, time will tell if this desktop can hold true as the blue ribbon of desktops or not. Click here for specs.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the unboxing of the ASUS desktop (Model #M51AD) that I did end up spending $879.99 retail on.

Don’t feel bad about the sticker price being almost $1,000 because I’m not. I actually saved $120 with one of their promos and I was able to spend that $120 on a new 28 inch TV that I will be utilizing with the newly purchased ASUS desktop.

Instructional Video Below

Unboxing of Google Chromebox (HP Version)

Posted by Fernando Pantoja in , ,

With the rise of Google Chromebooks entering the marketplace with their laptops during the past couple of years, Google now has officially entered the desktop market as well with their Google Chromebox.

At first glance, the Chromebox is compact in size at 4.88 x 4.96 x 1.54 inches.

The Chromebox allows you to transform any compatible monitor or TV (up to 2 display units simultaneously) into a computer environment safely with access to your favorite websites and Google Chrome apps in seconds.

The Chromebox strictly relies on Google Chrome for the computer's standard Web browser and it also relies on apps for software purposes. The apps for this computer can be installed via the Google Chrome Store.

The operating system (OS) is a not your traditional Windows OS but a Google OS (Linux based). Because of this factor the desktop does not come equipped with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office Suite.

As of October 2014, the Chromebox is only being manufactured by Asus and Hewlett Packard (HP). Google offers 100 GB per device upon purchase of cloud storage for 2 years, for free, in Google's Drive app.

The internal hard drive comes in 16 or 32 GB contingent upon which model & manufacturer the Chromebox is purchased from.

The following video below is an unboxing of the Chromebox by HP (Model # cb1-014). Feel free to check it out as Fernando the CEO for PC Pro 4 Less gives his thoughts and opinions about the Chromebox during the initial opening of the product.

Instructional Video Below

How a Small Flash Drive Plays a Big Role in Life

Posted by Fernando Pantoja in ,

Flash drives today seem more novelty than useful, or at least that is the way it is for me.

I go to different business meetings and conferences and typically businesses will brand their logo on a portable flash drive. I know this because I have an office drawer full of them collecting dust as I type this blog post.

My professional lifestyle in website design moves fast yet purposeful. In an ideal world, my technology moves just as fast too.

So when I cleaned out my desk drawer with extra flash drives, to my surprise did I find a small nano-like microchip of sorts.

At first I finally came to the conclusion that Big Brother is listening to me. I quickly brushed away that notion realizing that they could easily hack my smart phone if they wanted to listen to my communications.

So the small tech device ended up being another flash drive but a way cooler one due to it being so micro in size.

The next thing I had to do was plug this bad puppy in to my laptop to see its full potential. It handled pretty smooth for how small this thing is.

The company that made this device is PK Paris and they can be found online. Their specific product that I have been talking about is their PK K’1 which is the world’s smallest USB3 key with a body of 5mm.

The tech specs are pretty straight forward with options to purchase this device in either 32 GB or 64 GB space storage. The 32 GB device costs $40.00 retail while the 64 GB device costs $70.00 retail on PK Paris’s website.

Because of the compatibility and ease of use, I am going to use this small nifty flash drive device for my laptop for when I travel from work to business events.

Then again, my tablet needs more space and this device is USB3 compatible.

Decisions. Decisions.

How to Evaluate Computer for Memory Upgrade with Crucial Scan

Posted by Fernando Pantoja in ,

Have you ever tried to do multiple tasks on your computer and for some reason it runs slow? Chances are, you need a memory upgrade.

Upgrading your computer’s memory RAM (Random Access Memory) is similar to the human brain in a sense.

Imagine if you could increase your overall brain capacity with a simple, but easy, operation that enhances your overall memory.

This means that our memory upgrade would allow us to think both faster and more efficiently at cutting rate speeds of allocating data within hundredths of a second.

For example, can you recall all the sequence of events that you did yesterday or even ten years ago? Could you list every single nuance of detailed events that you did within your entire life of living?

That possibility is limited and that is okay. I have a hard time recalling people’s names sometimes but it is easier to remember a face for the most part.

This process of pulling up past data whether if I am doing it mentally or on a computer is resourcing the memory banks of data respectively.

In terms of a computer, we can increase this process of allocating memory data from the computer so that the information is readily available at blazing speeds.

Why this is important is because having the speed factor on a computer will overall enhance the performance of the computer.

This means that simple tasks become more efficient especially if you are working on multiple tasks simultaneously with various software applications running.

Essentially, a memory upgrade to your computer will increase the lag time of your computer tremendously and prevent overall systems from crashing on your laptop or desktop computer.

Upgrading your computer’s memory also enhances PC games to play more fluently on your system.

While some people may think that buying a new computer will solve the lag time of processing operations on their computer, this might not necessarily be true.

Most computers purchased via retail only come equipped with 1/3 of the potential memory upgrade that the system can handle.

Please view the video below as it gives a how-to approach on analyzing your PC in efforts to maximize your system’s full potential of a memory upgrade.

Instructional Video Below

My Computer Crashed, What Now?

Posted by Fernando Pantoja in , ,

We’ve all been there, right? Working hard on a project for a client, typing away on that homework assignment that is due by 11:59 PM, or even dilly dallying around by playing a PC game on your computer and CRASH!!!!

Not the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH?!? (Instance is implied that you using any variation of Windows. See example picture below.)

For most, this is what happens when our computer crashes whether you are using a laptop or desktop. Inevitability, we turn on (or attempt to) our computers right away after this disastrous crash in hopes that our data is retrievable.

But what happens when our data is not available? Meaning, that our computers put us through a black background screen stating that it cannot find the hard drive.

For most people, they will go out and purchase a new computer. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what about us who want to salvage the computer due to reasons of nostalgia or simply trying to save a buck?

We can either find someone locally that we know (using our networks of influence) or we can find a PC professional who repairs computers for a profession.

While it may seem like the smart thing to do by going to a PC professional or one of our “good friends” to look at and evaluate our crashed computer, there are some security precautions that everyone should take when relying on others to fix or evaluate your computer for tech. related issues.

Please take time to review and watch the two instructional videos below.

One video goes in depth and detail on why there are security issues with your data when relying on others to either fix or evaluate your computer.

The second video gives a hands on demonstration on how to remove your hard drive from a laptop for safety protocol when dealing with others to fix or evaluate your computer for repairs.

Instructional Video Below

Surf the Internet Safely with Adblock Plus

Posted by Fernando Pantoja in ,

Have you ever surfed the Internet and annoying pop-ups seem to appear out of nowhere on your screen? Or how about those frustrating Java updates? What is the deal with this?

I know most of us just want to click the “X” button to make them disappear or to hurry up and hit the “accept” button so that those cumbersome updates just hurry up and update so that they can go away.

But what happens when an annoying toolbar appears on your web browser? Or your computer starts to slow down because it is infected with malware, adware, or something worse?

Computer Crash
Have no fear because PC Pro 4 Less is here.

I am here to talk about the hidden extension on the Internet called Adblock Plus and how this safety tool can really save your computer when you are surfing the Net.

The website for Adblock Plus is www.adblockplus.org and I have taken the liberty to go in full detail on why one might be reluctant to utilize this nifty tool when surfing the Web.

Please check out the following video that I have made for more information on how Adblock Plus is a true life saver for all.
Instructional Video Below